alumina ceramic lining pieces

The basic material for "Wear Resistance Ceramic" is extreme pure synthetic (Alpha) alumina oxide. Today alumina ceramic of 92% purity is the best solution in terms of wear protection perform

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Used in heavy industry for years as a cost-effective, wear-resistant solution, these lightweight materials offer high durability, strength, and excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. Alumina wear resistant compositions include:

· Alumina 90: most common wear product with great wear resistance

· Alumina 92: increased wear performance

· Alumina 96: premium alumina for best wear resistance

· Zirconium toughened alumina:  increased strength and impact resistance

Advanced ceramic wear components for a variety of applications:

Processing equipment:

· Pharmaceutical clean rooms

· Food processing plants

· Grain handling

· Mineral processing

· Cement manufacturing

· Chemical processing

· Large Cyclones:

Coal-fired power plants

Steel Mills

Asphalt Plants

Petrochemical plants

· Pulp and paper mills

Category92Series95Series T 95 Series 99 Series
Al2O3≥92%≥95%≥ 95% ≥ 99%
HV Hardness N/mm2(MPa)980104011001250
Bending Strength MPa260280320350
Compressive strength MPa1150120012501300
FractureToughness MPam 1/23.683.723.944.5
Jetimpingement abrasion≤0.47/cm3≤0.42cm3≤0.28/cm3≤0.10/cm3

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